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Antoine Bruneau Photography

French self-taught photographer now living in Toronto, I have always been more fascinated by pictures than words. To put it simply, a bit of a dreamer: that is who I am.

For as far as I remember, even as a little kid, I couldn’t go anywhere without my Kodak camera which my parents bought me, seizing every opportunity to capture a piece of life. My photographic journey however really started in the late 90s. I tried to understand the basics and the composition of a picture by going through magazines and famous photographers’ portfolios, sharpening my eye while learning how to play with my camera by ‘giving it a try’. I first focused on black and white film photography, in both shooting and processing, taking my inspiration from candid photography, a world I have always admired. I now simply try to capture the words I read with my camera, believing in luck and in the ‘decisive moment’.

Through my pictures, I try to share my own vision of the world and I hope you will enjoy my work. Should you have any question, request or even greeting, feel free to send me a message!





- "Toronto versus New York"  [Solo Exhibition]

Pierre Léon Gallery - Alliance Française, Toronto, Canada

- "Une saison aux Trinitaires"  [Solo Exhibition]

Les Trinitaires, Metz, France

- "Street Sans Frontières" International [Group Exhibition]

Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris, France

- "Fujifilm X World Photo Gallery"  [Group Exhibition]

Fujifilm Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

- "I Love Japan"  [Group Exhibition]

Japan Foundation, Paris, France


- Laureate of the "Fujifilm X World Photo Gallery 2015"

- Open Commended image for the "2015 Sony World Photography Awards" 

- Editors' choice of the "National Geographic Photo Contest 2014"

- Laureate of the "Le plus grand concours photo du monde 2016" from PHOTO French magazine

- Laureate of the "Le plus grand concours photo du monde 2015" from PHOTO French magazine

- Laureate of the "Le plus grand concours photo du monde 2014" from PHOTO French magazine

- Photo of the Day in National Geographic magazine

- Editors' Choice on 500px


- As a finalist of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2016, life member of the invite-only LensCulture portfolios: www.lensculture.com/antoine-bruneau


- National Geographic (NationalGeographic.com)

- Réponses Photo magazine (ReponsesPhoto.fr)

- PHOTO magazine (Photo.fr)

- L'Oeil de la Photographie (LOeilDeLaPhotographie.com)

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